Lal Paharir Deshe Ja Lyrics – Bengali Folk Song

Lal Paharir Deshe Ja lyrics song was sung by Chakraborty Raja from The Arbachin Band. The lyrics are penned by Arun Chakrabarty. Here you can find the lyrics of Lal Paharir Deshe Ja. Lal Paharir Deshe Ja Song Lyrics In Bengali ও নাগর, ও নাগর, ও নাগর, ইক্কেবারে মানাইছেনা রে। লাল পাহাড়ির দেশে যা, রাঙা… Read More »

Kinna Sohna Lyrics – Punjabi Folk Song

Kinna Sohna song lyrics is a Punjabi Folk song. The song was sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The lyrics are written by Hassan Rizvi, Javed Akhtar, Traditional, and  Mohammad Iqbal Naqibi. The music is given by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.   Kinna Sohna Lyrics Uno, dos, treis, quatro Kinna sohna tenu Rab nay banayaaa… Read More »

Amar Haat Bandhibi Lyrics – Bangla Folk Song

Amar Haat Bandhibi Bengali Folk song lyrics is sung by Sahana Bajpaie. The male version of this song is sung by Dev Gautam. This song is used in the Prothoma Kadambini Star Jalsha serial. Here you can find the lyrics of Amar Haat Bandhibi Bangla in Bengali. Amar Haat Bandhibi Song Lyrics In Bengali আমার… Read More »

Kala Re Koiro Go Mana Lyrics – Bengali Folk Song

Kala Re Koiro Go Mana is a Bengali Folk Song. The song was Sung by Sahana Bajpaie and Produced by Inreco. The music is given by Rajkumar and Tirthanka. Kala Re Koiro Go Mana Song Lyrics In Bengali সে যে কার কুঞ্জেতে পোহায় নিশি কার কুঞ্জেতে পোহায় নিশি আমায় করে সে প্রবঞ্চনা, সে যেন আমার… Read More »

Rona Ser Ma Lyrics – Gujarati Folk song

Rona Ser Ma is a traditional Gujarati folk song sung by one of the famous Gujarati Singer, Geeta Rabari. The lyrics are written by Manu Rabari and Deepak  Purohit while the music is given by Mayur Nadiya. Rona Ser Ma Lyrics ser ma ser ma he ser ma ser ma. Rona Ser ma re Rona… Read More »

Maaya Lyrics – Indian Ocean

Mayaa is a song of Indian Ocean Band. Indian Ocean Band is a famous band of India. Below the article, you will find Maaya Lyrics. Listen your favorite folk songs list in Music apps get ready to download your android mobiles. Also, Read: Where to watch full movie download – List of the all-time super… Read More »

Kesariya Balam Aavo Ni Lyrics – Rajasthani Folk Song

Kesariya Balam Aavo Ni is a Rajasthani song is sung by Sarita Kharwal and lyrics are written by Inder Sharma. Director of this song is Harish Gahlot. Here you will find Kesariya Balam Aavo Ni Lyrics. Kesariya Balam Aavo Ni Lyrics केसरिया बालम आओ नि पधारो म्हारे देस नि केसरिया बालम आओ सा पधारो म्हारे… Read More »

Nai Jaana Lyrics – Punjabi Folk Song

Nai Jaana is a beautiful Punjabi song which is sung, by Neha Bhasin. In this song Music Produced by  Sameer Uddin and directed by Prayrit Seth. Below this article, you will find Nai Jaana Lyrics. and also very interesting movie watch and enjoy. Nai jaana Lyrics Nai jaana mere maye, Mai aide naal nai jaana… Read More »