Pindare Polasher Bon Song Lyrics – Bengali song (Wrong Tuli Band)

By | May 25, 2019

Pindare Polasher Bon is a song by the Wrong Tuli Band. This is most famous in Bengal which was directed by Anirban. and also the writer of this song. Pindare Polasher Bon Lyrics The song is sung by Musicity Starring: Madhumita Chakraborty This popular Purulia Jhumur song sung by Shilajit Majumder and many various artists. Polasher Bon Revisited Video Song directed by Sourav Chakraborty.

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Pindare Polasher Bon Lyrics In English

Pindare Polasher Bon
Palabo palabo mon
Pindare Palasher Bon
Palabo palabo mon
Nengti indure dhool kaate
Hey kaate re

Lengti indure dhool kaate
Hey kaate re
Botore piritir ful futey

Amar bodhu raat kana
Barir pothe aana-gona
Hamar badhu raait kana
Barir pothe aana-gona
Bhing-sorai uthey dhaan kute
Hey kute hey
Botore piritir phul futey

Aalta sindure raanga
Biha chere korbo sanga
Dekh bou-ta khate kina khate
Hey khaate hey
Botore piriti ful fute

Sunilerboter chura
Dekhis na bo voirob khura
Dish na ba dhula porer bhate
hey bhaate re
Botore piritir ful fute

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