List Of Punjabi Folk Songs

By | August 6, 2021

Punjabi Folk Songs

Pollywood is a Punjabi Cinema industry in India and Pakistan that produces films in the Punjabi language. Pollywood has gotten inseparable from the Indian Punjab particularly in the 21st century as a result of the quality and number of Punjabi films it produces. The bylanes of Punjab have given us a mother lode of rich culture, traditions, and folklore. Also, these rich customs are innate in our mainstream society, regardless of whether it be movies or TV series, or even web series. Individuals all around the world are known to move and singing resoundingly to dhol beats and partaking in the tune. Below you can find the List Of Punjabi Folk Songs.

Chitta Kukkad

Chitta Kukkad Banere Te has a lovely Punjabi society melody that is played during weddings. Neha Bhasin is accomplishing incredible work of drawing out the Punjabi people’s music to the new age. The melody has music composed by Sameer Uddin who utilized just acoustic instruments in the song.

Kala Doria Kundey Naal Aria 

Kala Doria Kundey Naal Aria is tunes of Punjab which was in the Punjabi language. The rich culture of Punjab, fun ethos, ceaseless soul of Punjabi individuals alongside their Punjabi music, ceremonies, and customs are featured and addressed in this melody.

Laung Gawacha

Laung Gawacha Lyrics is a society Punjabi tune that has been profoundly sung by Neha Bhasin. Piyush Raghani is head of this contacting tune’s video with music delivered by Sameer Uddin and Raghav Mehta. The verses of the Laung Gawacha melody are conventional.

Chitta Kukkad

Chitta Kukkad Lyrics – Neha Bhasin: Chitta Banere Te has a wonderful Punjabi society tune that has played during weddings. Neha Bhasin is accomplishing incredible work of drawing out the Punjabi society music to the new age. The melody has music delivered by Sameer Uddin who utilized just acoustic instruments in the tune.


Challa Lyrics Ragini song is dependent on Punjabi society tune “Challa” which numerous incredible vocalists like Inayat Ali, Shaukat Ali, and Gurdas Maan have sung in their own style. Presently the Sufi artist has given it totally different touch which is truly delightful. The melody depends on a cultural story that recounts an account of Parents and Departed Child.

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Thand Rakh

Thand Rakh tune verses by Himmat Sandhu is Latest Punjabi. This tune has sung by Himmat Sandhu and this fresh out of the box new melody is given by Nikeet Dhillon. Thand Rakh tune verses are written somewhere around Bhinda Gill while music has given by Ikwinder Singh and video is coordinated by Parth and Gurdas.

Kurta Pajama

Kurta Pajama Punjabi Song has sung by Tony Kakkar. Kurta Pajama is a Pop melody and formed by Tony Kakkar. Melody verses are composed by Tony Kakkar and the music video of the track is coordinated by Rahul D. Shetty, picturized on Tony Kakkar and Shehnaaz Gill. Kurta Pajama Song Lyrics are given underneath.


Sikandar tune Lyrics by Amar Sehmbi is Latest Punjabi. The tune has sung by Amar Sehmbi and the music of this pristine tune is given by Laddi Gill. Sikandar tune verses are written somewhere near Gill Raunta and the video has coordinated by Ballie Singh and Punnu Garcha.

Peg Vi Yaaran Naa

Peg Vi Yaaran Naa Folk Song verses are sung by Gurnam Bhullar and verses are composed by Gill Raunta. The melody music has created by Laddi Gill and the featuring Gurnam Bhullar. The melody was Release on20th February 2020. The music Label has © Jass Records.

Kinna Sohna

Kinna Sohna melody verses is a Punjabi Folk tune. The melody has sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The verses are composed by Hassan Rizvi, Javed Akhtar, Traditional, and Mohammad Iqbal Naqibi. The music has given by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

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