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Komolay Nritto Kore Song Lyrics – Bengali Folk Songs

Komolay Nritto Kore Bengali Song Lyrics. Komolay Nritto Kore is sung by Ankita Bhattacharyya. Music Composed by Atishay Jain. This song has lyrics by Traditional. The song ‘Komolay Nritto Kore’ has been published on the Ankita Bhattacharyya Youtube channel. I hope so Would love to hear the song. Komolay Nritto Kore Song Lyrics in Bengali… Read More »

Shundori Komola Song Lyrics – Bengali Folk Songs

Shundori Komola Song Lyrics is Sung by Usri Banerjee And Aditi Singh Sharma. Additional parts were Produced And Re Composed by Ram Sampath. Bhalo Koira Bajao Go Dotara Sundori Komola Nache Lyrics In Bengali. English Lyrics Written by Ram Sampath. Shundori Komola Song Lyrics In Bengali  লাল শাড়ি লাল টিপ লিপস্টিক ডিপ ডিপ হাবুডুবু খাচ্ছে… Read More »

Jeno Bhalobasha Hoy Song Lyrics – Bengali Folk Songs

Jeno Bhalobasha Hoy Song Is Sung by Ankita Bhattacharyya Song. Starring: Mukul Kumar Jana, Ankita Bhattacharyya, And Antara Sheet. Likhte Parina Kobita Tomay Niye Lyrics In Bengali Written by Saswati Bhattacharyya. Music Arrangement is done by Suvajit Ray and Direction by Gaurav Gupta Cinematography provided by Shibham Paul. Jeno Bhalobasha Hoy Song Lyrics In Bengali… Read More »

Dilona Dilona Song Lyrics in Bengali Folk Songs

Dilona Dilona song lyrics in latest releasing Bengali Folk songs. The song reached 10million views on YouTube and also got responses from the viewers. It is one of the super hit songs in Bengali Folk songs and this song lyrics are written by Shah Alam Sarkar while the song has sung by Desh. However, Himadri… Read More »

Dube Dekh Dekhi Mon Song Lyrics in Bengali Folk Songs

Dube Dekh Dekhi Mon song lyrics in Bengali Folk songs. This song’s lyrics are penned by Lalon Fakir and sung with the vocals of Arkadeep Mishra, Somali Chakraborty. The song music has composed under the banners of Folk Studio Bangla. The song was directed by Souradeepta Chowdhury. While the song tuning was presented by Lalon… Read More »